My name is Pinaki.
I make books.

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The Wind that Moved
the Bedouin

Moskva: Sandpaper

The Soul of Kuwaiti Turtles

Tribes of Dhofar's
Empty Quarter

The Edge of Calcutta

Legends and Toyotas
of the Bedouin

Lost in Oman's
'Mother of Poison'

Lone Song of the Shawawi

The Hidden Lives
of Muscat

Aufis of Wadi Bani Auf

The Women of Wadi Slooh

Dead Ends: Hob and Madruj

Muharram, Mumbai

Tombs and Lives of Bat

Losing Sela

Kalshnikovs & Christmas in Yemen

This site is under construction. I'll keep adding other stories from the previous version to it. Meanwhile, this is the old version with all the stories.

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